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The basics for the great tradition of women’s basketball in Sopron were put down by Soproni Vasutas SE founded in 1921. Soproni Darazsak began their conquest in 1997 and became a real workshop following the first few years of settling in filled with success, and after continuous growth it became a club in 2013.

2012 was a memorable year, because back then it earned academy accreditation from the Hungarian Basketball Federation (MKOSZ) first among clubs that only dealt with girls’ youth development. Back then there were over 30 players making their baby steps in the women’s first division. With Kata Honti there was a player coming from the “Hornets’ Nest” (Darázsfészek) in Sopron who won a gold medal in Euroleague.

The women’s youth development program in Sopron has reached another milestone in January 2020! As an acknowledgment of the incredible development the work that has been going on for 23 years could keep going under a Nationally Recognized Sports Academy after a successful accreditation process. The reward has brought renewal as well, with which a new era begins in the high-level player development. The main characteristics of Soproni Darazsak are: hard-working, fighter, clever, teachable, sure-footed and lovely.

Soproni Darazsak Sportakadémia gives their athletes a chance to work hard for success as a big family, a real community together with the parents, the players of the first team of Sopron Basket, the fans, the co-workers of the Sports Academy and the sponsors.

Our goal is to maintain the Sports Academy in the long run professionally, ethically, and financially. The continuous training of our professionals is a guarantee for securing the highest professional niveau for Darazsak. Darazsak are success-oriented since we always aim to shoot for the best possible result according to our standards. In order to improve we are constantly looking for new challenges. We are teaching our players about the healthy way of life – including a lifestyle rich in movement, appropriate resting, healthy diet and appropriate stress relief.

Our mission to have a wide range of young athletes take part in high-level competitions and raise Hungarian national team level players and those who belong to the top shelf of European women’s basketball. On an international level our goal is to successfully integrate Hungarian players from abroad into the Sports Academy identified through Youth European Championships.

The teams of our Sports Academy take part in prestigious tournaments all over Europe every year , and at our self-organized international tournaments we host the most well-known youth development centers of the continent as well as other Hungarian clubs.

You are organizing a tournament, looking for a training partner and would like to invite us or come take part in one of our events, or even just to play an exhibition game? Contact our international representative, Virág Gáspár-Szalay.


2023. X. Champions Cup, Mozaikok
Karácsony-váró Darazsainkkal, 2023.
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