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Around 300 young people take part in this beautiful sport at our club.

The purpose of our section is to provide sport facility for children as much we can and to make them love the basketball.

Above this we would like to bring up more good players and they would play on the matches of the first division.

Our junior system works on the pyramid principle. This means that we deal with 250-300 young people from the elementary school to the high school. We work with several elementary and high school together, we start basketball classes every year. We provide more national players from age group.


There is no competition on the level of nation at the younger ages that’s why we make our own competition where everybody can show their talent.

We operate a basketball class in one of the elementary schools in Sopron and we start a children team in the competition of the region.

The U18 team takes part in the National Young Championship while the U16 team drabbles the ball in the National Kadet Championship.

Our age group teams take part in several national and international games in which they won some valuable places.

More than 100 children play and it help their development at our boarding camps and training camps organized at different points of our country.

We have good partnerships in different countries, but we are always open for new challenges, tournaments, practice games, and find partners.

If you are interested in to take a part on our tournaments, or would like to play with us practice games, or invite our teams to a torunament, dont hesitate to write us!



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Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia
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Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia Soproni Darazsak Akadémia

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